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BI FitnessCheck

Excellent BI fitness is bad news for the competition

When competing for leading positions on the markets, every gram of superfluous fat immediately has a negative impact – but due to dynamic changes in the market, such disadvantages may not necessarily be detected in good time. That is why clever managers take precautions and keep a close eye on their business intelligence solutions to avoid being unexpectedly confronted with competitors who are one step ahead.

Even if your BI landscape has scored best marks in every test so far, it is doubtful whether it has advanced in keeping with company requirements. Perhaps processes are not, or no longer, optimally designed and in other places there may be weaknesses in the quality of the data. Difficulties are revealed when integrating heterogeneous data sources, BI tools from different manufacturers present unnecessarily complex requirements or the originally implemented solutions are no longer flexible enough for the current preconditions that determine success.

Actinium's BI FitnessCheck reliably documents your strengths and weaknesses. Its systematic analysis of factors critical for success is based on a wealth of best practice know-how complemented by extensive experience to obtain an objective performance profile with reliable recommendations for action for your optimised BI future. In particular, because the BI FitnessCheck focuses not only on technical aspects, but also on process and efficiency analytics. More specifically: Do you know where your business intelligence sometimes runs out of steam?

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