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Business organisation

Revitalising business processes to generate success

Inadequate business processes significantly hamper company success. This is the best reason to examine business processes carefully and on a regular basis using our best practices methods. We carefully exploit optimisation and rationalisation processes in your company. These may for example include the integration of organisational and IT structures in a global enterprise, promoting networking between suppliers and resellers, or bundling existing isolated processes.

We also develop IT strategies and evaluate the systems needed. We transfer these processes to integrated IT solutions and make sure that your employees can access the right information at the right time and in the right place. Everything follows our conceptually intelligent simplicity principles to ensure low-cost, minimum-effort realisation.

Examples: Data exchange between individual applications by integrating â–ºdata integration; the collective use and administration of data, information, functionality and knowledge through â–ºcollaboration as well as automation and integration of business processes using various internal and external applications such as â–ºEnterprise Application Integration (EAI).

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