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ERP (Enterprise resource planning)

Our ERP experience generates positive surprises

ERP systems have become the heart of business management. To provide optimum support to the business processes along their entire value-added chain, the ERP system has to be perfectly aligned to a company's individual requirements. After all, its purpose is to provide support to the processes in their specific sectors, it should be scalable in relation to the size of the enterprise and it should be flexible enough to allow the integration of external systems and other technologies. These requirements alone place tremendous demands on the ERP concept. In addition, an ERP strategy has to be flexible enough to map changing market conditions and meet ambitious business objectives with respect to economic efficiency and agility. A value-oriented approach to business processes that also takes account of the constant change to which companies and processes are subject is crucial. And that's exactly where we unleash our highly professional competence and extensive experience, whether for the introduction of a new ERP system or the optimisation of an existing one. 

Our range of services using intelligent simplification methods extends from â–ºdesigning detailed specifications to implementation and â–ºsystem maintenance. Our market-proven skills also include â–ºprocess analyses, â–º evaluating ERP and CRM systems, â–ºdata migration and upgrades.

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