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Planning & Reporting

Reliable planning with rapid results

Many issues in business management are relatively similar: Financial planning, sales planning, production planning, project planning, investment planning, budgeting and forecasting all have to be realised efficiently and systematically. However, business planning usually involves very complex processes that differ in each operational environment. That is why extensive knowledge far beyond the use of technical solutions is essential for budgeting and reporting. But also the choice of analysis tools is anything but incidental, because they have to be precisely dovetailed to company-specific requirements.

Actinium has an excellent, long-standing reputation throughout the entire industry, from developing functional target concepts and evaluating best-suited tools to project management and designing processes. As a consultancy providing intelligent and lean concepts. Needs-based and future-oriented processes have been devised for a multitude of prestigious companies to ensure rapid results and long-term success.

Our extensive consulting portfolio includes:
â–ºIntegrated budgeting and planning â–ºManagement information systems (MIS) â–ºForecasting â–ºReporting â–ºData analytics â–ºSimulation and scenarios â–ºCompetitor analysis and automated data collection â–ºFiscal consolidation â–ºData warehousing â–ºData mining

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